Trainer Details

Hi! I’m Enzo

Personal Trainer


Enzo has 18 years experience competing in strongman competitions. He has won Harlow’s strongest man 7 times, Kent’s strongest man 3 times and 5 other strongman competitions in the UK. Enzo also competed in Britain’s Strongest Man in 2007 and placed 9th.

Enzo also has 25 years of bodybuilding experience. This includes tailoring nutrition and training programs to suit an individual’s needs and goals and body building competition prep.


Nutrition and Training Program

If you want to get the best out of yourself then why not try my new 16 week food cycle plan. This Personalized Weight Loss Diet meal plan will Significantly Transform Your Body. A tailored diet and exercise plan with achievable targets, online support and progress tracking. The plan can be based around training at home or in a gym and will take into consideration your likes/dislikes and lifestyle.

Personal Training

Let’s get you started today with a tailored one to one training program using the latest techniques designed to meet your needs and goals with weekly progress tracking
Ideal for:

* Weight Loss
* Body Toning
* Fitness Training
* Core Training
* Strength and Conditioning
* Weight Gain
* Bodybuiling Competition Prep.