Body Active Gym Rules


Due to Covid-19, precautions will be in place throughout the gym the rules are simple and for everyone’s benefit.



• If you are showing any signs of any symptoms do not come to the gym.


• All members must book their gym time slots using our app or website.


• Members are not to attend the gym without booking No Walkins or drop-ins


• 90 minutes training slot


• You can only book 1 slot per day or 2 if you are a platinum member


• You can book 7 days in advance or 14 days in advance if you are a platinum member


• We operate with a “three strikes” non-attendance rule, whereby three no-shows within a 28-day rolling period will result in an 8-day booking ban.


• You must cancel your gym slot at least 1 hour before it starts by calling us: 01279 641886 or this will be recorded as a no show.


• We are still allowed to serve food and drinks but members aren’t permitted to stay at reception before or after their hour slot has started/finished.


• Spray/wipe handles and all contact points on anything you use before AND after use

personal towel must be used.


• Maintain social distance protocol at all times.


• You will be permitted to arrive up to 10 minutes early for your slot, this is to avoid congestion at reception.


• You should arrive in your training kit where possible and the use of the changing rooms kept to a minimum. Members are not allowed to train wearing clothes they have been working in.


• Members are also not permitted to shave in the changing rooms.


• Wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly on entering the gym and regularly while in the gym


• Every time you have finished on a piece of equipment you MUST spray it and wipe it down, no exception.


• Please refrain from doing one set, three selfies, two texts & a bit of a natter between sets. People may be waiting to come in while you’re on your phone so let’s be more mindful of spending the time productively.


• The government have set us strict guidelines which we will need your help in following. If we all stick to the rules, we can have a safe healthy place to train.


• Please stick to these rules, they are to keep you safe and keep us open!


• Failure to follow these may result in a temporary or permanent ban.